Live Stage: Subcuratorship Beyond Media Arts Berlin

via Networked_Performance de jo em 01/02/12

CODED CULTURES – Subcuratorship Beyond Media Arts with Michal Wlodkowski, Luise Reitstätter, Joasia Krysa, Sydney Ogidan, and Eva Fischer (Moderated by Georg Russegger) :: February 2, 2012: 4:00 – 6:00 pm :: Haus der Kulturen der Welt, John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10, 10557 Berlin, Germany.

Based on questions about contemporary media art festivals, in the autumn of 2011 CODED CULTURES presented City as Interface. Hereby curators and artists tried to create new models of representation, transmission and intervention within a concept of sub-curatorship beyond media arts and within public space. For transmediale 2012 a discursive vector is reflecting on these inventions based on trans-disciplinary examples from intersecting fields like contemporary art, media art, street art, audio-visual arts, exhibition design and interfaces in order to transform the city into a playful and unstable environment for artistic interventions. The invited participants will give 10-minute long impulse-lectures to present methodological approaches based on their interests and backgrounds. The panel will be followed by a discussion with the audience.


Live Stage: Subcuratorship Beyond Media Arts Berlin

The brainchild of Dutch “interaction designer” Olivier Otten, selfcontrolfreak is an ongoing video series, currently 21 and counting, by which the viewer causes Otten to perform various actions through prescribed moviments of the mouse cursor. If this sound easy and a little dumb, like an obvious arrangement of command and execution, i.e. a video game, it is and it is not.