“Light and Dark Networks” by Ursula Endlicher

via Networked_Performance de jo em 28/01/12

[Details of dark version (Mushroom’s mycelium) left, light version (Spider web) right.] Light and Dark Networks by Ursula Endlicher, commissioned by the Whitney Museum for whitney.org:

Light and Dark Networks consist of two online data performances taking place anywhere on Whitney.org during sunrise and sunset in New York City, and are directed by actual weather and environmental changes in the New York City area. The two performances are inspired by the structures of natural networks: one aboveground (spider web), the other one underground (mushroom’s mycelium). In the video segments of the piece Endlicher impersonates a spider and several mushroom characters…

The piece looks at networks as living organisms — be they spider webs, mycelium, or the Internet — constantly changing by different artificial or natural parameters. Taking a closer look at the nature of the Internet itself this piece playfully examines how our physical and virtual existence is embedded in networks… The project takes over the entire Whitney Museum’s website for 30 seconds daily at SUNRISE and SUNSET in New York City, so make sure to get there early. For exact times of daily sunrise and sunset please go to whitney.org/Sunset. Link: http://lightdarknetworks.ursenal.net.

“Light and Dark Networks” by Ursula Endlicher